9 Vicente Terrace:          

Built is 1906, this historic house was the only residence on the block at the time and the beach came right up to its side yard eventually to become 7 Vicente Terrace.  Time, the elements and The Great Depression were unkind to this Craftsman beauty as it was tuned into a nine bedroom boarding house during the 30's.  The design by lee + mundwiler architects,  called for 'gutting' the interior, raising the house off its foundation to add a basement( wine cellar) and stripping the exterior so that the structure could be sheared for strength.   The interior called for an open modern floor plan and the exterior per Santa Monica historic code had to be returned to its original appearance using materials that replicated the original construction down to finish, style and dimension.  Steel Beams were inserted to support the second story in the house replacing the 'gutted' interior load bearing walls allowing us to create the  open front to back floor plan.  The result is an eclectic weaving of old and the new appointments and architecture.

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4919 Beloit Ave