Situated on a corner lot in the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica, the first major project designed by Gregory H Ginter Architect on the west coast, presented a challenge becoming more and more typical, design a family residence and offices for both parents that is a fully integrated whole while maintaining a complete separation for all three functions. In fact, the entire house is unique in its ability to resolve so many competing and opposing needs, by utilizing innovative and unusual materials while creating a harmonious, unified whole. Some of the competing elements of the program included maximizing space on a small coastal lot; maintaining privacy while remaining open to the communal neighborhood; designing a green, environmentally friendly building without sacrificing the budget or style; tailoring the design to the client's personal desires and needs yet allowing for resale or leasing all or part of the house; creating a family friendly environment with a warm, inviting palette of materials while maintaining the modern aesthetic and finally building economically while maintaining quality, executing fine detailing and incorporating distinctive materials. Even though the entire structure of the house is made from wood, it features large open expanses and a disappearing 20ft wide, floor to ceiling glass wall leading to the covered outdoor living space with a fireplace and built in barbeque.  The house fully utilizes the Southern California sun, which provides almost 100of the houses electricity and hot water needs.  The long narrow lot and resulting outdoor spaces are efficiently used by a salt water lap pool with solar heating system and automatic safety cover, a grassed children's play space which covers the storm water retention pit that retains 100of the storm water on-site, small narrow private gardens that integrate the interior and exterior through floor to ceiling windows and a private outdoor waiting area with a separate entrance for the offices.  The house also incorporates many green elements including stained concrete siding, salvaged wood, salvaged furniture and a stair made from glue laminated wood beams.  Also the project integrates stock and custom materials to create an economical, yet unique and distinctive perimeter fence and wine rack.